What to watch on TV during the COVID-19 lockdown

If you're looking for COVID-19 silver linings, the guilt-free opportunity to indulge in all things TV is certainly one of them.

To help guide your choices and highlight all the fresh releases, here's the first of Kate Rodger's Lockdown Editions.

Following its premiere at Sundance is a film once again showcasing the growing talents of Kiwi actress Thomas McKenzie. This is called Lost Girls.

Amy Ryan is a mother to three girls and just scraping together a living for them. When the eldest Shannon - a sex worker - goes missing the grim search for her becomes every mother's nightmare.

McKenzie is the middle child, a stoic gentle soul who forms the beating heart of their fractured family. And opposite Oscar-nominee Amy Ryan she once again proves she's got what it takes to play the big leagues, turning in another nuanced vulnerable performance.

Clearly Lost Girls might not exactly be the feel-good virtual hug some of you may be needing but it's nonetheless a good watch - not the best of its genre -  but a good watch.

Three-and-a-half stars and you'll find it on Netflix.

When it comes to TV shows, Jason Bateman and Laura Linney fans have been girding their loins for this new season three of Ozark which I am very happy to report has just crash-landed onto our streaming devices in time for the weekend.

Fans will know this is the story of Marty Byrde - a seemingly mild-mannered accountant who is in fact quietly laundering cash for the cartels.

When things go bad, they go very bad real quick and Marty moves his family to a quiet lakeside town in the Ozarks to somehow launder enough money to buy their freedom.

No spoilers here but needless to say this new season sees Marty and Wendy increasingly at loggerheads as their plans and their goals look to compromise the safety of them all.

The performances here across the board, including the Emmy-winning Julia Garner as the beloved foul-mouthed Ruth, are among the many reasons to binge season three on Netflix immediately.

Stay safe, be kind and happy bingeing!

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