Chris Hemsworth's new movie Extraction lands on Netflix

Thor star Chris Hemsworth is on a mission to prove his action credentials beyond Marvel with the release of his new R-rated film Extraction.

The film is the brainchild of The Avengers directors Anthony and Joseph Russo - and it's just landed on Netflix.

Want to watch Thor brutally kill a bunch of people from the safety and comfort of your own bubble? Wish granted.

Chris Hemsworth is Tyler Rake, and he's a ruthlessly efficient grief-stricken mercenary trying to shoot, stab and bleed his way out of that pain. He signs up for a suicidal mission to extract the young son of an Indian drug lord, and the body count starts from there.

Stuntman turned first-time director Sam Hargrave barely gives Hemsworth even a moment for a cuppa and a lie-down. There's a relentless schedule of running, chasing, shooting, stabbing, throttling, some more shooting, some more running, quite a bit of bleeding and a little bit of dialogue.

And you know what? I enjoyed it all quite a bit.

You don't need me to tell you Extraction is all brawn and not a lot of brains, but you're not coming here for scintillating storytelling and insightful cerebral stimulation - and if you are, who are you? 

Dumb, but definitely fun, I liked Extraction far more than I should have. Three-and-a-half stars.

A quick reminder if you haven't watched flagship Disney Plus Star Wars show The Mandalorian that you must do so immediately, as shortly we are being gifted an eight episode docu-series on its making. It also includes the chance to watch Taika Waititi as he directs the final episode.

This will land on Star Wars Day, May 4, so my advice - binge The Mandalorian before then.

May the lockdown force be with you.