Clarke Gayford reveals Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's 'lockdown breach' - hiding his scorched almonds

With the country in lockdown and strict rules now governing what Kiwis can and can't do, it appears the Health Minister isn't the only politician who has been caught misbehaving.

Clarke Gayford has revealed he has a bone to pick with his partner, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, over an alleged lockdown breach.

Appearing on The Project on Monday, Gayford took the opportunity to throw his significant other under the bus.

"I know she won't mind - well, she might for a wee while," he jokingly told viewers.

"Everybody's been going on about what great job she's done, but can I just say that she, during isolation, was caught hiding scorched almonds from her partner," said Gayford, to the laughter of The Project panel.

Host Kanoa Lloyd joked she was "very sorry to hear".

"I'll see what we can do after this," she said.

Laughter aside, Gayford said he was "trying his best" to look after his partner during the lockdown.

"My little reprieve for the day is I get to take her lunch - so we always make sure she's got something healthy and fresh going on," he told The Project.

Gayford's cheeky revelation came after the Prime Minister was forced to hand out a telling off of her own after it was revealed that Health Minister Dr David Clark had flouted not lockdown rules not once but twice.

Dr Clark had offered his resignation to Ardern after admitting he had driven to a beach around 20km from his home in Dunedin for a walk.

That came just days after he came under fire last week for visiting a mountain bike park 2km from his home. 

Although Ardern did not accept his resignation on Tuesday and Dr Clark retained his health portfolio, he was stripped of his role as Associate Finance Minister and demoted to the bottom of the Cabinet rankings.