Coronavirus: Carey Hart details wife Pink and 3yo son's 'intense' battle with COVID-19

Carey Hart, husband of pop superstar Pink, has shared what it was like watching his wife and 3-year-old son suffer with COVID-19. 

Speaking to SiriusXM radio this week, Hart described what his family went through as "intense". 

"They both got extremely sick. My son probably got the worst of the two of them which kind of debunks the theory that this only hits old people," he said.

The former motocross competitor explained that Pink got it "pretty bad" too, as the virus was exacerbated by a pre-existing asthma condition. 

"It totally attacked her lungs and her chest. She was having a hard time breathing."

Hart said at one point his son Jameson "took a turn for the worse", with an extremely high fever for a "solid two, going on three weeks straight". 

Earlier this month, Pink confirmed she tested positive for coronavirus towards the end of March, but that she and her son had since recovered and re-tested with a negative result.

Hart explained that while his wife was the only one tested initially, and he and his 8-year-old daughter Willow remained symptomless throughout, the family operated under the idea: "If one of us has it, all of us have it." 

Pink announced she was donating US$1 million to healthcare amid the coronavirus pandemic, split evenly between the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in honour of her mother, and the City of Los Angeles Mayor's Emergency COVID-19 Crisis Fund.