Coronavirus: 'Introverted loner' Billie Eilish 'really enjoying' self-isolation

Billie Eilish says she's "really enjoying being alone" while self-isolating amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

The 18-year-old singer dubbed herself an "introverted loner" while featuring on the Telekom Electronic Beats podcast

"I feel like everybody on the internet has been on FaceTime all day long with their friends," she said.

"I love my friends, I can't wait to see them, I do miss them a lot, but at the same time... I'm good. I'm good being alone... I like being alone." 

The 'No Time To Die' singer added that she thought the relief people would feel once allowed out of lockdown would be short-lived. 

"As soon as we can see people again and go out, we're going to be so happy and grateful. And in about three days, we're all going to take it for granted again," she said. 

"That's the way people work. It's the way humans are made. You miss something so bad once you don't have it... You never think about it when you have it." 

Eilish has had some company, however, two recently-fostered pit bull puppies named Miss Mardy and Jim. 

"There's such a misconception about them," she said.

"They're sweethearts, they cuddle."