Coronavirus: Mark Richardson reveals angst over Kiwis' queuing habits

Some New Zealanders have frustrating queuing habits, according to Mark Richardson, as waiting in line becomes the new norm under COVID-19 alert level 4.

As he and his co-hosts on The AM Show discussed recent trips to the supermarket, Richardson revealed angst over a situation when he was about to queue up to enter the store.

Under COVID-19 alert level 4 and New Zealand effectively in lockdown, supermarkets remain open but with limited numbers of people permitted in stores - meaning people must queue to enter. 

"I've been to the supermarket twice now," Richardson said. "The first time I'd taken my own bags - apparently they've changed their policy on that - you can't take your own reusable bags.

"As I was heading in, the Mike Tyson character went, 'oi, oi! Pal! Bags!"

Richardson said he returned his bags to the car but it was on a second trip to the supermarket where he got told off again - and was met with the queuing debacle.

"The next time I turned up I got my trolley - headed towards the entry - and he went 'hey, hey! Pal, queue! I looked around and said, 'where the hell is the queue?'

"There was a lady standing about 10 metres from the entrance and I said to her, 'are you queuing?' and she went 'yeah, don't jump the queue'.

"For goodness sake, she might as well have been in the Paper Plus reading magazines - that's not forming a queue."

Newsreader Amanda Gillies raised the point that she shops at the same supermarket as Richardson, saying she's never had any issues.

"I banter away with the people," she said. "We don't high-five but as close as you can. They are just so welcoming."

Richardson, however, had some advice.

"If you are queueing for anything - be this out of lockdown or what because we all have to queue - if you're at the front of the queue, queue close enough to actually look like you're at the front of the queue, not just standing back."