David Lomas solves 57 year old mystery of Palmerston North's 'phone box baby' in new investigative show

The makers of popular Kiwi television show Lost and Found have returned with a new series in which old-school investigative journalist David Lomas solves a host of complex New Zealand mysteries. 

Episode one of David Lomas Investigates sees the host tackle a story that has remained an open police file for 57 years - the case of Keith Mitchell, who was abandoned as a baby in a Palmerston North phone box. 

Speaking to The AM Show on Tuesday morning, Lomas said it was an "absolutely amazing" story that he was "very lucky to be able to crack". 

"We find out who the mother was, but the story goes much further than that... because once you find the answer, you want to know: Why did they do it? Why does a mother leave a baby in a phone box in 1962?" 

Subsequent episodes see Lomas travel from New Zealand to Italy, Spain, England, Bulgaria, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, China, and Australia in search of answers for New Zealanders and their families. 

David Lomas Investigates premieres Tuesday, April 14 on Three.