Howard Stern suggests Donald Trump and his followers inject disinfectant and 'drop dead'

US shock jock Howard Stern has upset people by suggesting Donald Trump and a rally of his followers should all inject disinfectant and die.

The comment comes after the former Celebrity Apprentice star and current US president mused in the White House about potentially lethal methods of fighting COVID-19.

Trump later dismissed responsibility over the comments and claimed they were "sarcastic", but Stern strongly condemned the "insanity".

"I would love it if Donald would get on TV and take an injection of Clorox and let's see if his theory works," Stern said on his radio show, according to the New York Post.

"Hold a big rally, say f**k this coronavirus, with all of his followers, and let them hug each other and kiss each other and have a big rally.

"And all take disinfectant and all drop dead."

When a caller phoned in to ask Stern to stop talking about politics, he pointed out that criticising someone for suggesting the ingestion of disinfectant is apolitical.

"I don't recognise any of this as being Republican, I don't recognise it as being anything political. I see it as insanity."

Among the media outlets that have covered Stern's comments is Fox News, where thousands of pro-Trump commenters have expressed unhappiness about them.

Trump made the comments last week, which led to countless medical professionals around the world warning people against drinking or injecting disinfectant or bleach as a way of combatting coronavirus.

Despite the warnings, poison control centres in the US reported a spike in people dangerously using disinfectant as a medicine or inquiring about doing so. Asked about the increase, Trump said he "can't imagine why" it happened and refused to take responsibility.