Lockdown bubble gives filmmakers extra restriction during 48Hours film competition

Budding filmmakers have spent the last two days making movies like they've never made them before.

That's because this year's 48Hours film competition required entrants to make their masterpieces from inside their bubbles.

This isn't the first time Matt, Jake and Luke have competed in 48Hours, but this year they didn't get to choose their team mates.

"We're kinda stuck with each other so it's luck of the draw you know?" they say.

The flatmates haven't had much time to prepare for their film. Organisers made the decision to go ahead with the competition just five days ago.

"The whole idea of it is to see how innovative and creative they can get within lockdown rules but also the spirit of the thing, of being restricted," founder Ant Timpson told Newshub.

And the rules are firm. Teams are given a genre from six options as well as elements they need to include in their three-minute film.

Social distancing is a must and the judges will mark down anyone breaking lockdown rules.

Judges include Peter Jackson who will help select the winners of the grand prize of $5000 and a spot on TV.

"I think that's what's great about 48Hours. The whole competition is about restrictions and setting boundaries," the flatmates say.

But the restrictions haven't stopped more than 2000 people entering the competition.

"It could actually be the world record for these types of competitions because I've never had a result like this. We've five times more than peak years," Timpson says.

Filmmakers in lockdown putting their Kiwi ingenuity and their sanity to the test.