Michael Bublé's wife Luisana Lopilato defends him from 'abuse' backlash after he elbowed her in live video

Michael Bublé's wife has fired back at allegations her husband is abusive after a clip of him seemingly elbowing her in the ribs during a live broadcast caused outrage online.

Luisana Lopilato called the accusations "malicious" after the opening moments from the couple's Instagram Live went viral. The clip shows Bublé jabbing Lopilato with his elbow when she speaks over him, before grabbing her and pulling her into an embrace some dubbed "agressive". 

"This is controlling, abusive behaviour," one Twitter user wrote. 

"I feel worried that your wife and children are at home with you," another tweeted to Bublé directly. 

"Thanks to Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato going live pretty often on [Instagram], we have discovered he's actually pretty toxic and kind of violent," a third tweet read. 

"It is incredible how some human beings act," Lopilato said in an Instagram caption written in Spanish. 

"We get together every day with my husband to stream live and bring a bit of joy, entertainment, and hope, and we have to deal with hearing and seeing what malicious people who come out saying things about our family without knowing anything about us." 

Many of Bublé's fans agreed, chalking up his actions to "playful banter". 

"Right I will say this once and only once! @MichaelBuble does NOT abuse @LuisianaLopilat!" wrote one Twitter user. 

"If there was any concern, don't you think us, the followers would be having a go at him?" 

Meanwhile, a representative for Bublé called the allegations "ridiculous", saying there would be no further comment on the situation. 

"All anyone needs to do is see them together on Facebook Live every day. They are equal and loving partners and treat each other with the greatest respect. They are a beautiful couple.”

Despite the spokesperson's insistence that Bublé and Lopilato's frequent social media videos demonstrate their healthy relationship, fans have highlighted several moment from other broadcasts as more evidence of abuse. 

"Michael Bublé is SCARY! I just went down the rabbit hole that is their YouTube channel and I'm scared," one Twitter user wrote. 

"It's like he totally forgot they were on camera," they added, alongside another clip of the pair in which Bublé seems to reprimand his wife for interrupting him by rapping her on the shoulder and grabbing her around the waist. 

A third moment from another video shows Bublé angry at his wife for being late for their live broadcast. "You're so dead," he tells her. 

"Michael Bublé demonstrates aggressive behaviour towards Luisana Lopilato. Here she takes two minutes to prepare a dessert for the children and he starts the live [video] alone and reacts like this," the caption read. 

Lopilato insisted she had "no doubts" about who her husband is and "would choose him a thousand times more" in her rebuttal on social media.