Paul Henry addresses stag do COVID-19 cluster rumours

Paul Henry has shot down the rumours it was his stag party where a cluster of COVID-19 cases broke out.

Mystery has surrounded the Auckland function with limited information available, but on April 14 New Zealand's Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield confirmed it was a stag party.

The cluster currently has 38 linked cases of coronavirus and its origins are still unknown.

The host of Three's new show Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry had recently returned from travelling to get married which led to some speculating it may have been his stag party.

Henry spoke to The AM Show on Monday where he denied the rumours which have been going around the likes of Reddit and Twitter.

"No, why do people think that it was? I mean, first of all, look at me Duncan. Why would people think that I would have a stag do anyway? I don't have any friends," said Henry.

"So one, there was no stag do, and two, apparently the stag do was two weeks after my wedding which technically is not protocol, is it."

Before the lockdown, Henry had been spending time at his house in Palm Springs, California and on his boat where he travelled from Holland to the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and then home to Aotearoa.

He says he is currently missing being on his boat during the lockdown but he has saved money because he hasn't been able to get away after the wedding.

"Essentially it's a very, very cheap honeymoon. We've saved a fortune on our honeymoon."

Rebuilding Paradise with Paul Henry premieres on Monday night at 9:30pm on Three and ThreeNow.