Pedestrian protocol in a pandemic: Colin Mathura-Jeffree on how to walk during coronavirus lockdown

With the majority of Kiwis adhering well to the rules of New Zealand's COVID-19 alert level four lockdown, there's still some grey area around how to share the streets while maintaining social distancing. 

With a lack of formal guidelines specific to footpath usage, The Project NZ host Jeremy Corbett took it upon himself to recruit Kiwi model and "catwalk expert" Colin Mathura-Jeffree to advise on how to avoid making a footpath faux pas. 

"I'm here to show New Zealand the rules of the runway," Jeffree said in the segment. 

Some of the Kiwi model and TV personality's tips include: 

  • Don't play chicken with other pedestrians in a display of alpha-male bravado 
  • Do stick to the left, just like you're in a car 
  • Don't leap into the bush to give way
  • Do give way to the elderly 
  • Don't curl up in a ball on the sidewalk 

Of course, New Zealanders should all be aware by now that a distance of at least 2m must be observed whenever they're outside for exercise or shopping for essential items. Exactly how they go about that remains somewhat up to interpretation.