Review: Just Mercy's weighty performances produce powerful drama

Jamie Foxx, Michael B Jordan, Brie Larson - Just Mercy has the cast it deserves, delivering the performances this important true story needs, and it's now on demand on Lightbox.

Jordon is Harvard law graduate Bryan Stevenson who sets up in Alabama in the mid-'80s offering his services to defend inmates sentenced to the death penalty. One of those men was Walter McMillian, played by Foxx.

On death row for the murder of a young white woman, McMillian's conviction was based on the testimony of one witness and what Stevenson uncovered the more he dug beggars belief.

Just Mercy is that story.

Watching this powerful drama at home made me even more desperate for the all-encompassing distraction-free immersion of a big-screen cinematic experience, but I am grateful I got to see it regardless. 

Simply told with limited theatrics and anchored by some weighty vulnerable performances, Just Mercy is an excellent 4.5 star watch.