Stars of Outrageous Fortune create lockdown reunion from their bubbles

The stars of one of New Zealand's most beloved television shows have filmed a special lockdown reunion from their bubbles to help Kiwis get through COVID-19 alert level 3. 

Antonia Prebble, Robyn Malcolm, Antony Starr and many other actors have reprised their iconic roles from Outrageous Fortune for a 20 minute featurette released on YouTube. 

Titled 'Stay The F**k At Home', the Outrageous Fortune Kiwi Lockdown features Cheryl West and her children Van, Jethro, Pascal and Loretta, as well as a host of other familiar faces, like Munter, Sparky, Aaron Spiller and Detective Wayne Judd. 

Filmed from the actor's respective homes, they interact via phone calls and video chats, as well as addressing the audience directly, urging them to "stay at home" throughout. 

Stars of Outrageous Fortune create lockdown reunion from their bubbles
Photo credit: South Pacific Pictures

The reappearance of the Outrageous Fortune cast has come as a welcome surprise to many fans of the show, which ended its six-season run in 2010. 

"Made my night! Thank you all. My favourite bit: 'You've been at level 4 for 5 weeks, I've been at level 12 for 10 years!' Sparky, you're awesome!," one YouTube comment read. 

"I like legit cried! I totally miss Outrageous Fortune!!!" said another. 

"This is so good, OMG. The team have done a stellar job of capturing their old characters! It's perfect," a third offered. 

Many fans said Outrageous Fortune had been their binge-watching series of choice during lockdown. 

"I've watched the whole series during lockdown so this was the icing on the cake! I love it!", one said. 

"Thank you all for putting your time into this. Just finished rewatching OF last week so this was a fantastic follow up," wrote another. 

Filming on Westside, the prequel to Outrageous Fortune, was suspended in March in accordance with Government regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.