Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok available to stream online

Some of the recent massive big screen releases have landed on-demand in time for Easter, as well as the addition of the Marvel film which helped fuel Taika Waititi's road to Oscar glory.

In a time where yesterday feels like a year ago, it feels like an absolute lifetime ago when there was a world out there beyond our now-closed borders yet to fully appreciate our Taika King. But Thor: Ragnarok changed all of that.

This Thor is most certainly blockbuster superhero escapism at its finest. It's also Marvel merriment delivered directly into your living room through the Taika Waititi kaleidoscope.

If you've seen it already, you can now watch it again and again - it's just landed on Disney Plus as your Easter treat.

Fans of Downton Abbey flocked to the cinemas for this big-screen version of their favourite period drama, and now you can watch it on Sky and Neon while on lockdown.

The premise is a simple one. There will be a royal visit to Downton and everybody from Lord Grantham to the local butcher is in quite the tizz. 

There is much to prepare and plenty of upstairs and downstairs drama to mine amongst all the royal shenanigans. 

Of course this is quite naturally just an elongated cinematic episode of your favourite show, so it will slot perfectly into your bubble viewing schedule.

And finally, Abominable. Unacceptably, I didn't get a chance to see this delightful little film on release, but now I have and it was worth the wait. 

Abominable is set in Shanghai and is the sweet story of a girl named Yi who discovers a young yeti hiding on the roof of her apartment. He's managed to escape from a rich and wicked businessman who is intent on exposing the yeti to prove to the world these mysterious creatures do indeed exist - but all this furry little fella wants is to return to his family on Mount Everest.

Yi decides she's the girl for the job and their magical adventure begins.

Surprisingly fresh and utterly charming, this is perfect Easter viewing for the kids in your bubble.

Happy calorie-free Easter binging, everyone.