Too Hot To Handle: Are Harry and Francesca still together? Harry spills on break-ups, babies and wedding rings

Harry Jowsey from Netflix's Too Hot To Handle has shared what became of his relationship with Francesca Farago after the pair left the reality dating show. 

Now over a year since the show wrapped filming, speculation has been rife around the couple's relationship status, with many news outlets scouring the star's social media posts for clues. 

Harry and Francesca have not posted any pictures together since appearing on the show, but despite living on other sides of the world - Harry in Australia and Francesca in Canada - they have shared separate images from the same wildlife park in Australia and posing alongside the same green Lamborghini. 

Many highlighted Francesca's Valentine's Day post about "getting drunk with friends and NOT texting exes" as confirmation that the couple had split, but a very happy Harry has now revealed that's not the case. 

"We broke up for a couple of months, and now we're back together, we're looking at moving in together and even wedding ring shopping," he told Newshub. 

Getting engaged and living together aren't the only milestone moments on the cards either, Harry said. 

"She literally texted me before and she's like: 'I can't wait for you to put twins in me'. Honestly, if I don't have 40 kids with her, I'm going to be heartbroken." 

As for the reason for their short-lived breakup, Harry blames some of Francesca's friends for being "nasty" and himself for "putting the pressure on" the relationship. 

"Leaving the show, it's just two completely different worlds. I went and visited Vancouver and I met all of her friends, and some of them were just really nasty," Harry said.  

"Then she came to Australia, and we just didn't see eye-to-eye. I was going through a really rough time and I think I was just dumping a lot of my emotions on to her. 

"I was putting that pressure on, which I shouldn't have done. It just kind of caused us to snap."

After Harry relocated from Australia to Los Angeles, the two kept in frequent contact. "Then we were just like magnets," he said.

"I flew her down to LA and she spent 24 hours here. It was really awkward at first, but as soon as it took off, it took off. 

"I've never been in a better position in my entire life."