Too Hot To Handle: Harry Jowsey reveals he's involved with freeing Tiger King Joe Exotic from jail

Harry Jowsey the 23-year-old Australian star of Netflix's new reality show Too Hot To Handle says he's involved with a team working to free disgraced zookeeper Joe Exotic from jail. 

Exotic and his fifth husband Dillion Passage have also become global people of interest after the Tiger King docuseries became a viral hit - although the show's main subject is experiencing his fame from behind bars. 

Jowsey told Newshub he reached out to Passage, who is 33 years Exotic's junior, wanting to check in on him after the documentary aired. 

"I was like: 'Hey, are you all good? What's going on?" Jowsey told Newshub. 

Passage was left alone when Exotic was sentenced to 22 years jail time after he was convicted of hiring a hitman to murder fellow big cat enthusiast Carole Baskin, as well as being found guilty of killing tigers and illegally selling cubs. 

Jowsey said he connected Passage with his talent manager, who helped him get into a "way better position where he's not overwhelmed and freaking out". 

Meanwhile, Instagram influencer Jowsey says the Tiger King himself follows him on social media, and he's found himself called into group conferences planning to make Exotic a free man.  

"I don't know how I got involved, but yeah, I'm helping," Jowsey said. 

Asked whether he thought Exotic was innocent, Jowsey admitted he "didn't know enough" about the situation. 

"There's obviously a reason that he's behind bars. He's done something, and there's enough evidence to prove him guilty. 

"I was just trying to be a nice person to Dillon [Passage], and then for some reason, I get called into group conferences and stuff where they're just like 'hey, what shall we do?'." 

Jowsey added that he hasn't yet spoken to Exotic, but dreams of going to Florida to meet him and his big cats - undeterred by the erratic and concerning behaviours documented in Tiger King. 

"I think I'm crazy, I think there's something going on with me to make me go and do too many reality shows," Jowsey said. 

"So like, crazy hangs out with crazy."