Topp Twin Lynda helps Methven get through lockdown with some loud music

A small rural Canterbury town has been passing the weeks of lockdown in its own special way. It involves an iconic Kiwi and some good old-fashioned fun.

You can hear them long before you see them coming. The sleepy ski town of Methven is about to get its bubble bounced.

For the past month Topp Twin Lynda and her wife Donna have been helping fellow residents get through lockdown in the only way they know how.

"I love music," Lynda says. "Jools - my twin sister - she lives way up on the other side of Auckland and I live down here in Methven so it was hard to do any live streaming.

"We thought it would be good to get together and do some music but then I thought we could do some music here."

Strapping a generator and speaker on the back of the truck, the duo boost the volume and drive the long way round to the supermarket.

"We're just on our way to the supermarket so it's not like we're breaking the law too much," Lynda says.

The beauty of living in a small town means at any given time they're within 2.5 kilometres of home.

"The first time we did it we were blown away how many people came out to support us," Donna says.

"I was out in the garden at home," one resident told Newshub.

"I thought 'what is that' and it was Lynda going around in the back of her truck going around the streets of Methven cheering everyone up! it was fantastic."

Usually the ski town would be ramping up for the season - but because of lockdown the streets are quiet - well usually.

"This is awesome," one resident told Newshub. "Once a week they come and I come out and I dance."

They even take requests - for the oldies it's 'Ten Guitars'.

So are they breaking bubble law? Well here's the local copper's request: 'I Fought the Law' by The Clash.

"As long as people are sticking to their bubbles I guess, brings the morale up and a bit of a giggle for everybody," says Officer Ross Watson.

Small town New Zealand with a lot of stamina, showing the rest of us how to get through these tough times.