US reporter's 'mortifying' moment: Caught on camera with no pants on

A Good Morning America reporter has shared how he was caught out wearing no pants during a live news broadcast. 

Will Reeve was filming a segment from his home in which he was reporting on American pharmacies using drones to deliver medication to patients. He donned a collared shirt and blazer on his top half but was unaware that his pants-less legs were being beamed out across the nation. 

When Reeve's blunder was called out on social media along with screenshots of the wardrobe malfunction, he explained he was just trying to practice good time-management. 

"Trying to be efficient I got ready for a post-GMA workout a little too soon this morning. The camera angle, along with friends, family and several hundred strangers on social media made me rethink my morning routine," he wrote on Twitter. 

"Any sartorial tips from these people who are wearing a belt, trousers and shows during their work video calls at home are most welcome. Now, back to work. Wearing pants." 

Reeve, who is the son of late Superman actor Christopher Reeve, said he hoped everyone had a "much-needed laugh" at his expense.

He's not the first news presenter to go viral for showing more than they meant to during a home broadcast. Last week, KCRA 3 News presenter Melinda Meza accidentally filmed her husband naked in the shower during a report filmed from her bathroom.