'Ashley Bloomfield' does karate, sings opera in comedian Chris Parker's 'morning routine'

Kiwi comedian Chris Parker has shared his own imagining of Dr Ashley Bloomfield's morning routine while performing an uncanny impression of New Zealand's Director General of Health. 

Bloomfield has become the subject of endless memes, praise and parody while guiding New Zealanders through the COVID-19 pandemic with his daily briefings. 

Parker's recent addition to the torrent of attention sees him impersonate Bloomfield, complete with trademark specs, as he goes about his morning routine. 

In the clip, Parker's Bloomfield reveals his love of One Square Meal snack bars, drinks several 'strong coffees', meditates, does karate, sings opera and blows off steam with a bit of morning road rage. 

Of course, the most important time of the day is 1pm, when Bloomfield takes the podium to brief the New Zealand public on the latest coronavirus figures. 

"I open the report and see what the damage is for Doctor Bloomdaddy today," Parker's voice over says. The Jono and Ben star portrays Bloomfield warming up for his big moment with vocal exercises and practice phrases such as: "Stay safe and don't be a f**king idiot". 

Fellow local comedians Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore made waves last week with their tribute song to Bloomfield in response to the legions of "thirsty" fans who appear to have fallen for the public health official.