Clarke Gayford reveals 'intruder' break-in at Premier House

Clarke Gayford.
Clarke Gayford. Photo credit: The Project

An intruder made a "significant security breach" at the Prime Minister's Wellington home on Wednesday night, but the culprit might be a bit different to what you're imagining.

Jacinda Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford revealed a spider broke into Premier House and made its way upstairs, managing to bypass all security on its way.

"Had a significant security breach at Prem House last night," he wrote in a tweet.

"Made it past DPS and upstairs. Neve thought we'd finally got the new kitten she wants, mum was MUCH LESS IMPRESSED."

Photos of the spider Gayford posted with the tweet show it's nearly the same size as the width of a spatula.

Many commenters believe the eight-legged intruder is a vagrant spider, which often wanders indoors in the autumn when it's seeking females to mate with.

Gayford says it was safely caught and released back into the wilderness.