Coronavirus: Mark Richardson defends landlords, says 'everyone is shaving costs'

The AM Show sports reader Mark Richardson has jumped to the defence of landlords amid the COVID-19 pandemic, saying they have to "pay their outgoings as well".

His comments follow those of Andy Hamilton, co-founder of support network Manaaki, who is urging landlords to help small businesses amid the crisis.

"Don't just hide from them - give them rent-free. Help them survive," Hamilton told The AM Show on Tuesday.

Landlords have come under fire during the pandemic. Despite the Government introducing a six-month rental increase freeze and banning evictions, Renters United has said more action is needed to protect tenants. 

But Richardson had a different take on the matter.

"It's all good intent but it's just idealistic mumbo jumbo," he said. "For a start, landlords actually have to get the rent in to pay their outgoings as well and take me for example, I've decimated my coffee intake and will stay that way.

"I'm drinking a lot of instant [coffee] now and I'll probably never go back to a gym - that is a luxury I can't afford. Everyone is shaving costs." 

Earlier in the show, Hamilton called for a team effort to show small businesses the country is behind them and giving them the motivation to push on.

He also called on suppliers to offer small businesses a 20 percent discount to help keep them afloat.

That would be a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things, he said.