COVID-19 anthem 'I Don't Wanna Bone Ya Bloomfield' drools over NZ's Director General of Health

Kiwi comedians Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore have released a tribute song all about the surprising sex appeal of New Zealand's Director General of Health. 

The track titled 'I Don't Wanna Bone Ya Bloomfield' was produced by the comedy couple who perform as pop stars 'Two Hearts' for a segment on Dai's House Party. 

In the music video, Daniels and Moore drool over Bloomfield during his daily COVID-19 briefings, in much the same way many Kiwis have done on social media throughout the pandemic. 

After learning Bloomfield is married and has a serious job to do, Two Hearts sing about being "thirsty for him in a strictly professional manner". 

"Suit and tie fly, high couture, opens up his mouth to say kia ora koutou katoa," one of Daniel's lyrics goes. "Damn, is he bilingual? More importantly is he single?" 

The Funny Girl star adds: "I don't wanna pash you Ashley, I wanna see you matter of factly, read stats and do your job, swear that won't make me throb." 

In a rap breakdown provided by Moore, he announces: "I ain't a creep, I ain't a perve, I'm only getting horny for a big flat curve. I just want facts, don't want romance, I see you on the TV and I keep it in my pants." 

Fellow Dai's House Party star Kim Crossman called the track "the most brilliant thing", on Facebook, where her sentiments were echoed by many. 

"Laughed so hard I couldn't breathe! Better get a test," one comment read. 

"Could get down to this in the club too," said another. 

Daniel and Moore are two of the many funny Kiwis making content for Dai's House Party, a fast-tracked show hosted by Dai Henwood to keep New Zealanders entertained during lockdown and self-isolation. It airs Thursday nights at 8.30pm on Three and is also available on ThreeNow.