Dom Harvey running a marathon on The Edge's balcony

Running a marathon as an experienced jogger may be easy going for some, but running a marathon around your workplace's balcony is a bit more punishing.

The Edge morning co-host Dom Harvey is running a full 42-kilometre marathon, or about 781 laps, on the balcony outside his radio studio on Friday.

Harvey was inspired to do his run after hearing about a French man who completed a marathon on his seven-metre balcony.

"We thought since we're down to level 2 now, just as a hat-tip to everyone who's done all sorts of inventive and crazy things during the lockdown, we'd do the same thing. So the balcony at our radio station seemed perfect," Harvey told The Project.

But he has a plan to make the run less monotonous and easier on his body.

"I think what I'm going to do tomorrow for the run is every 10 minutes or every couple of kilometres switch directions just to balance things out and make it not so hard on the joints."

Watch his full interview on The Project above.