Man whose dad left when he was a child becomes internet sensation with 'Dad, how do I?' YouTube channel

Rob Kenney.
Rob Kenney. Photo credit: YouTube/Dad, how do I?

A US father has warmed hearts worldwide after creating a YouTube channel inspired by his dad leaving when he was a child.

Rob Kenney's channel has 660,000 subscribers and features tutorial videos like how to fix running toilets and how to unclog a drain.

Kenney, of Chicago, told local TV station WCIU coming from a "fractured home" inspired him to pass some of his wisdom on.

"It's definitely resonating - I'm getting such amazing comments from people.

"This has gone way beyond what I thought - I thought it would have 20 or 30 subscribers.

"Some of the emotional responses I've gotten from people who don't have fathers or don't have a relationship with their father or have lost their father, have said they've watched my videos in tears."

Kenney said it was "flattering".

"Every day I wake up and I go, 'I can't believe what this has become'," he told WCIU.

"The whole quarantine thing has been rough on all of us across the globe so I finally had some time to do it. I suggested it probably two years ago to my daughter and she said, 'you need to do that'."

His videos have attracted thousands of comments with many saying how much they appreciated the content.

"Sir, you deserve all the support you're getting, you are being a wonderful father figure to those who don't have a dad," one commenter said on his latest video.

"I lost my dad two years ago today and just seeing how sweet he is, just reminds me of my dad a lot," another wrote.