Margot Robbie, Cameron Diaz, more star in Zoe Bell's star-studded lockdown stunt video

New Zealand stuntwoman Zoe Bell has organised and directed a fight club-style featurette that sees the hugest names in Hollywood come to blows from their respective COVID-19 lockdown bubbles. 

Margot Robbie, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and many more famous female faces take part in the girls-only five-minute clip entitled Boss Bitch Fight Challenge. 

Each fighter's performance is orchestrated to make it look as though their punches, high-kicks and makeshift flamethrowers are able to reach through the screen and deliver the damage to the next player. 

The video has quickly racked up close to half a million times on YouTube and nearly 170,000 times on Bell's personal Instagram page at the time of writing. 

The sequence begins with a bored Bell, sitting in her living room lamenting the restrictions of lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. She then has a bright idea about how she can "play with her friends", performing a violent high-kick to the camera before the shot cuts to Lucy Lawless, apparently reeling from the blow. 

The ante and hilarity continue to be upped as the scuffle unfolds, including Margot Robbie wielding Harley Quinn's famous baseball bat and Halle Berry falling backwards into a pool. 

The clip ends with Bell asking "who wants to play next week?", meaning fans might be able to look forward to round two soon.