Mark Richardson reveals his life on the unemployment benefit

Mark Richardson has revealed he was once on the unemployment benefit before he went on to become a professional cricketer.

The AM Show sports reader said he didn't have a job after he left university and didn't want to be a "drag" on his parents until he found one.

"I wasn't generating an income from cricket, even though I wanted to be a cricketer. I remember turning up to see my caseworker in a suit and tie."

Richardson told co-hosts Ryan Bridge and Amanda Gillies he did eventually get a job.

"I wasn't a dummy but there was a point in my time where there was no income - there was nothing coming in," he said. "I wasn't going to go, 'hey I'm out of university now, handout coin'."

While Richardson wasn't on the benefit for long, he said he received "bugger all" from it.

"The sooner I could get off and get moving with my life, the better."

When Richardson made the revelations on Tuesday morning, his co-host Bridge could barely contain his laughter.

"You've got to be kidding me? Mark Richardson of The National Party's been on the dole!" Bridge said.