Matrix creator Lilly Wachowski hits back at Elon Musk, Ivanka Trump over 'red pill' tweet

One of the co-creators of The Matrix made her feelings crystal clear about Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump quoting her movie when she replied to the pair on Twitter. 

Musk referenced the iconic sci-fi flick on Monday, tweeting simply: "Take the red pill". Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka replied, "taken!" prompting a fiery "F**k both of you" from director Lily Wachoski, who created the Matrix trilogy with her sister Lana. 

The line refers to a moment when Keanu Reeve's character Neo must decide whether to take the blue pill, remaining in blissful ignorance of 'The Matrix', or face the unpleasant truth of the world by taking the red pill. 

However, internet subculture has seen the 'red pill' concept take on a new meaning, often symbolising a person's political views shifting to the conservative right. It has been picked up by forums dedicated to Donald Trump and is often used by 'Men's Rights' groups. Notably, a subreddit called TheRedPill is an openly misogynistic, anti-feminist platform which campaigns that men, not women, are the ones who have been disenfranchised. 

Musk's comments also reportedly drew the ire of Sandy Garossino, mother to musician Grimes, who just welcomed her first child with the SpaceX CEO. 

Buzzfeed reporter Ryan Mac shared a screenshot of one of Garossino's tweets in which she appeared to call Musk's comment "MRA (Men's Rights Advocate) bullshit", referring to her daughter's recent "challenging pregnancy and childbirth". 

Musk has recently been threatening to restart his Tesla factories despite California's mandated business closures due to coronavirus, potentially putting his workers at risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19.