'Nobody cared for them': Sia reveals she adopted two teenage boys

Sia has opened up about her decision to adopt, disclosing that she adopted not one, but two sons, and far from being babies - they've just turned 19 years old. 

The notoriously private Australian singer explained that when news broke of her adoption earlier this year, not everyone had their facts straight. 

"What people misinterpreted was that they assumed I had adopted babies," she said in an interview with iHeartRadio. 

"But I didn't, I adopted two sons who were aging out of the foster care system." 

The Grammy nominee said she'd had the boys for a year now, admitting it had been a bumpy ride. 

"It's been really up and down. But mostly up. And they're both doing so much better than when we first got together," Sia said. 

"Both of them have suffered a lot of trauma being in the foster care system - 18 different homes, each of them throughout their lives." 

The 'Chandelier' hit-maker said she was grateful she had the resources to be able to help the boys deal with their emotional issues. 

Sia said the teenagers told her that "nobody cared for them from the heart". 

"It's been really nice to be able to care from the heart for them, and I love them," she said.

In another interview with Sirius XM, Sia said both of her sons were finding quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic "pretty difficult". 

"But they're both doing things that are really good for them right now. They're doing a lot of helpful educational stuff," she said.