Streaming guide: What to watch on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is almost upon us and the pandemic means we'll be still stuck at home so some great film and TV is in order.

As New Zealand endures the COVID-19 alert level 3, many Kiwis are enjoying streaming more movies and TV shows at home than usual. But what should you watch? Newshub is here to help.

We're bringing you streaming guides with advice on what to watch and where to watch it. 

In this edition, I've put together six of the very best viewing options for mums to have a good time with on May 10.

Jojo Rabbit.
Photo credit: Piki FIlms

Jojo Rabbit

Why do I want you to celebrate this Mother's Day with Jojo Rabbit? For starters, Rosie is the mum all us mums aspire to be - playful, protective, empowering - and Taika Waititi has made no secret of the fact this film is his love letter to single mums everywhere, especially his own. Secondly, if you saw it already it's just as brilliant the second time around. Thirdly, Scarlett Johannson was deservedly honoured with both an Oscar and a BAFTA nomination for her performance. Lastly, the boyhood love between besties Jojo and Yorkie is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever witness.
Where to stream: Microsoft / Apple


Steel Magnolias.
Photo credit: TriStar Pictures

Steel Magnolias

Over 30 years old and as many viewings for me there is nothing about the way the women in this old-school tear-jerker communicate which doesn’t bring me joy. Sally Field as the fiercely stoic but utterly vulnerable mother to Julia Roberts, a young woman becoming slowly more debilitated by Type 1 diabetes. They're both surrounded by their loyal, loud and wildly entertaining band of southern sisters including Dolly Parton in a masterstroke of casting as beautician Truvy Jones. Throw Olympia Dukakis, Shirley Maclaine and Tom Skerritt into the mix and this is the Mother's Day throwback you need this lockdown.
Where to stream: Netflix / Apple / Microsoft


Photo credit: Focus Features.


One of the best depictions of the reality of motherhood I've seen. Charlize Theron is Marlo, a middle class mum with two kids and another due any minute, while her lovable husband Drew is wildly out of step with her coping mechanisms. As she quietly descends into a sleepless hell, her wealthy brother Craig begs her to take up his generous offer of a night nanny… and the film takes off wholly unexpectedly from here. Oscar-winning writer Diablo Cody's ability to articulate her own personal journey into motherhood translates so authentically here, as she and Theron explore the euphoria, the indignities, the judgment and the oftentimes confronting home truths of what it means to be a woman, mother or not.
Where to stream: Lightbox / Google / Apple / Microsoft


Pixar's Brave.
Photo credit: Pixar


Of course you need something you can watch with the wee ones who remind you every day how exhausted you are, how patient you are, how resilient you are and above all, how lucky and loved you are. So here is an option you can watch as a family with a large packet of chocolate chippies and mugs of hot milo. Brave is one of those delights which slipped under the radar for many and the mother/daughter relationship central to this story is just great. Merida the feisty Scottish princess embodied the singular notion of girl power well before Frozen claimed ownership and she was the OG when it came to wielding a bow and arrow, years before Katniss muscled her way in.
Where to stream: Disney Plus / Quickflix / Apple / Microsoft


Photo credit: 20th Century Fox


Is there a more iconic line to accurately encapsulate the fierce protective nature of motherhood than Ripley's "get away from her you BITCH"? I think not. I've been searching for the moment in motherhood that would give me an excuse to use it in real life, but somehow it's never seemed like an appropriate response to the neighbour’s labradoodle. Not to mention I have a son, so that would be just weird. Anyway - James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver delivered us Ripley and wee Newt and this terrifying space alien action film is definitely on my Mother's Day watch list this weekend.
Where to stream: Microsoft / Google / Apple


Stranger Things.
Photo credit: Netflix

Stranger Things

I know, I know I am just using Mother’s Day as an excuse to get you to watch Stranger Things, but surely the pure commitment Joyce Byers shows to find and extract her darling boy Will from the otherworldly dimension of the Upside Down should qualify her for TV Mother of the Year? In Season 1 particularly, as Joyce has to spend as much time convincing everyone else she’s not entirely bonkers as she does searching for her boy. This show is very good and Winona Ryder does the business, delivering the perfect meld of big-hearted staunchly kookie that Joyce needs. This is the perfect weekend binge while the kids go for a bike ride and look for Demogorgon.
Where to stream: Netflix