'That's not a polite question': Jacinda Arden shuts down AM Show host Ryan Bridge for commenting on her hair

The AM Show's Ryan Bridge prompted a terse response from Prime Minister Jacinda Arden after he questioned why she was dying her hair. 

On Sunday it was revealed that Ardern's partner Clarke Gayford had been playing hairdresser, helping to dye her hair and tending to their daughter Neve's locks too.

"Why are you dyeing it anyway?" Bridge asked Ardern at the end of an interview on The AM Show on Monday morning. 

"Is it going grey or something?"

"Never... never... never... that's not a polite question to ask, I'd say anyone - I was about to say a lady - but anyone, actually," Ardern responded. 

"It's just a little touch-up, Ryan. No reason."

Perhaps worried he had offended the Prime Minister, Bridge assured her it "looked good". 

"I only mention the grey hair because you are the Prime Minister and it does tend to age people. No harm intended, alright?" he added. 

Ardern agreed. "No, it does, it does, I fully acknowledge that," she replied. 

"Yep. Thank you for the reminder."

For his part, Gayford tweeted that it was remarkable that both Ardern and his daughter were still speaking to him after his first foray into hairdressing.