'Amanda makes a hot bloke!': The AM Show hosts' Face App transformation delights fans

The hosts of The AM Show have been given the latest appearance-altering filter treatment, causing a stir on social media by transforming into the opposite sex with the help of an app called Face App. 

Aziz Al-Sa'afin, the AM Show's social media presenter, ran a picture of himself and hosts Mark Richardson, Duncan Garner and Amanda Gillies through the app - with some surprising results. 

The presenters were gobsmacked by Richardson's new look, which included a new blonde hairstyle and a pearly white grin. 

"Do you think that Mark is actually attracted to the female Mark?" Gillies asked. 

"He's been totally checking himself out." 

Commenters on social media were similarly stunned. "Mark looks hot as a blonde," one wrote, while another offered: "Mark finally has a face for TV". 

Garner was dubbed "gorgeous" with his new long dark locks, with commenters comparing him to celebrities from Meghan Markle to Rosie O'Donnell. 

Al-Sa'afin felt he looked "quite pretty" with his red lipstick, but it was Gillies' transformation that stole the show. 

"I look a bit like David Beckham! I look quite hot!" Gillies responded to her picture. 

Fans on Facebook felt much the same way, commenting: "Is it weird that I think a-MAN-da looks kinda hot as a guy?" and "Amanda, wow, you're so handsome!" 

The artificially intelligent face editing app went viral last year when it offered a filter that aged users into their elderly alter-egos.