Auckland teen Jawsh 685 behind Jason Derulo's 'Savage Love' 'shocked' at new-found fame

The 17-year-old musician behind a number one song by Jason Derulo says it's "a blessing" his chart-topping hit is so successful.

Aucklander Josh Nanai, better known as Jawsh 685, first had his island-infused track make it big on social media, but now it's being used in Derulo's latest single 'Savage Love'.

"It's just shocking for me, being a young kid and having all this thrown at me and just given to me - it's a blessing," Nanai said.

It all started last year when he spent two hours making the original track in his bedroom in his family home.

"It just came about when I sat on my laptop. I jumped on, made a lazy beat, and whatever it felt like after, that's what I called it. So it was sort of laxed and that's why I called it Laxed."

The catchy tune 'Laxed-Siren Beat' then started becoming popular on TikTok. The 'culture dance' craze took off, and the moves were picked up by the likes of Lizzo, Jessica Alba and of course Jason Derulo himself, who messaged the teen directly.

"All I see is a text from him. I just ran to my room, showed my mum, showed my little siblings."

Derulo initially came under fire for using Nanai's music, but that later led to a collaboration.

"It sort of went weird, but I was happy that we came to an agreement and made the song 'Savage Love'."

So far, it's had 48 million Spotify streams, it's number one in New Zealand and it's about to hit number one in the UK.

All that's left for Nanai is to meet Derulo in person.

"[I would] just get a photo or something, just go to eat."