'We're like a pack of dogs': Big Brother Australia star Garth Saville says new season will be 'explosive'

One of the new housemates on the latest season of Big Brother Australia says the group is behaving like animals as the iconic reality show reboots on Kiwi screens. 

"We're all like a pack of dogs at the moment in a park sniffing each other's bums to work out who's who and what the pecking order is," Garth Saville told The AM Show on Monday morning, following the show's NZ premiere the night before. 

"There's going to be lots of drama." 

Saville said Big Brother had always been "fascinating" due to the inherent "voyeuristic tendencies" of many audience members. Saville added that along with bold personalities like himself, there were also some "real introverts". 

"You've got a 61-year-old, you've got a 19-year-old, it's such a mix of people this time around," he continued. 

"We're strangers! If you put 20 strangers into the house there's obviously going to be some explosions." 

Saville added that he thought Big Brother AU set itself apart from other reality shows because all of the cast were "very much themselves", claiming there weren't the "fake lips and fake boobs" often associated with participants in other series. 

"There's no one putting anything on," he said.  

Big Brother Australia airs Sunday at 7pm and Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm on Three.