British broadcasting legend Noel Edmonds reveals why he loves New Zealand

Noel Edmonds and his wife Liz.
Noel Edmonds and his wife Liz. Photo credit: Getty

British broadcasting legend Noel Edmonds says his choice to move to New Zealand has been solidified as a good one, due to the nature of Kiwis.

Edmonds has been living in New Zealand since September 2019 with his wife and son - but he says the decision to move began long before that. 

"Liz and I had this incredible spiritual pull in 2016 - we had never been to the land of the long white cloud and we had the most unbelievably powerful experience - we both felt we had come home," Edmonds told Magic Talk on Monday.

"We went back to the UK and sold up and we now have full residency status - we're very honoured."

The family now lives in Matakana, just north of Auckland city. 

He told Magic Talk he loves New Zealand,  especially its people.

"One of the things I love about Kiwis - you're not interested in celebrities," he said on Monday.

"I went to the shop the other week and a woman saw me and said, "You were on the telly last night". Me being me I said "oh, was I?

"And she said, 'I know who you are and I like you - don't be like that' and it was just such a funny exchange because then she just took her potatoes and left," he said through laughter. 

Edmonds says he and his family are determined to make a difference in the lives of Kiwis. 

"I have come to this wonderful country with Liz and Harrison to make a contribution because we are not takers."

Originally the family planned on engaging in environmental and conservation work - but when COVID-19 forced the country into lockdown Edmonds had another idea.

He's started Positivity Radio - a network he hopes will boost local businesses and attract the support of the tourism industry.

The community stations will be non-commercial, with no charges made for local businesses who want to advertise.

"That local business can record their bits of information on their phones, and upload it - it could be 'Ike's got some mandarins for sale and they are $5 a bag - Ike is never going to take an ad out on local radio."