Coronavirus: Jeremy Clarkson blames 'Chinese halfwit' with 'shed full of bats' for causing COVID-19

Controversial television host Jeremy Clarkson has rubbished the idea of a public inquiry into the source of coronavirus, saying "we already know who's to blame" and condemning a "Chinese halfwit". 

In his column for UK tabloid The Sun, Clarkson said that an inquiry which aims to reveal who was responsible for COVID-19 was a "waste of time". 

"Because we already know that. It was the Chinese halfwit who kept his raw pork chops in a shed full of bats," he wrote. 

While a 'wet' market in Wuhan which sometimes sells exotic animals has been rumoured to be the place the virus originated, the director of the Chinese CDC recently told state media it was a "victim" of COVID-19, and that none of the animal samples tested had returned a positive result. 

Still, Clarkson continued to perpetuate the unverified concept that Chinese people eating bats caused the virus - an idea that was dubbed "racist and disappointing" when used by other celebrities such as Lucy Lawless and Bryan Adams. 

The former Top Gear host said that rather than searching for culpability, a public inquiry should look to help us prepare better for "when another pandemic comes along".  

"And we don't need a panel of buffoons and buffoonesses to work that out, because we already know," he wrote. 

"We look at what the Germans did. And do that."