Furious Seth Rogan bids his anti-Black Lives Matter fans goodbye

Seth Rogan has invited any Instagram followers who take issue with his support of the Black Lives Matter movement to see themselves out, including some choice parting words for some. 

The 'Knocked Up' star posted a Black Lives Matter slogan on Instagram along with the caption: "If this is a remotely controversial statement to you, feel free to unfollow me." 

It appeared that for many of Rogan's fanbase there was a problem with the statement, as the comments section was flooded with responses of "All lives matter," and threats to stop watching the actors films. 

Rogan responded to many of the critics, with curt, expletive-laden replies randing from a simple "f**k off" or "get f**ked," through to "you don't deserve my movies any more. Stop watching my shit". 

"F**k you and your virtual signalling," one Instagram user wrote to Rogan. 

"I mean f**K YOU and your father," Rogan replied. 

While the comedian bid goodbye to some fans, he also gained new ones, with many commenting that they had started following Rogan due to his message.