Jamie Foxx blasts Tyrese Gibson over 'reverse racism' post

Jamie Foxx blasts Tyrese Gibson over 'reverse racism' post
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Tyrese Gibson has come under fire after sharing a controversial Instagram post about "white slaves" in South Africa.

The star posted four photos, including one with a black slave owner holding a gun with three white men chained up, and advised his followers to learn about the "white slaves" and "reverse racism" in the country.

Gibson was swiftly slammed by several prominent South Africans but, instead of apologising, he shared a controversial video that was later deleted - but not before actor Jamie Foxx called him out.

The clip, titled 'What The Left Won't Tell You About The Plight Of Black People And The Myth Of Systemic Racism', was compiled by the conservative content group called Media Research Center.

Venting his frustrations, Foxx slammed Gibson, writing: "Huh??... WTF (What The F**k) is this post for??... I'm confused... Race doesn't matter???!! Look at what we goin threw [sic] right now... what does this post mean?? Who is this for??"

He added: "Again I say! What is this post for??? During this horrific time for us? Why are we even talking about what these guys are saying from the comfort of a press junket??

"Cmon man we can't be this comfortable. Think about the pain these families are going threw [sic] Because of the colour of their skin."

Gibson never responded to Foxx's replies, and went on to delete his second post, after attracting further criticism from numerous fans online. He has not yet addressed the posts.

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