Jay-Jay Feeney's hysterical response to Auckland shelter dog being named after her

More FM host Jay-Jay Feeney was beside herself after learning that a stray dog at an Auckland Council animal shelter has been named after her.  

The broadcaster was alerted to the news via the Auckland Council Adoptable Animals Facebook page, where Jay-Jay Feeney the Neapolitan Mastiff cross was featured. 

"I'm literally wetting myself laughing," Feeney said in a clip posted to her social media. 

"I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended?" she asked through fits of giggles while looking at the seven-month-old pup's picture. 

Feeney and her More FM cohost Flynny spoke to the Manukau Animal Shelter manager Alex Rodwell-Smith, who was grilled on the origins of the name. 

"Is this a dare? Does someone not like me?" Feeney asked.

Rodwell-Smith explained that each month the shelter comes up with a theme for their adoptable dogs, with the most recent one being New Zealand broadcasters. 

Other dogs with well-known namesakes soon to be adopted include Suzy Cato, Maggie Barry and Pippa Wetzel. 

While Flynny joked that the likeness between Feeney and the newly named canine was "uncanny", Rodwell-Smith confirmed the naming was a compliment adding that Jay-Jay Feeney was a "really sweet dog" who was found as a stray in Pukehoke. 

The pooch is due to undergo some further training and rehabilitation before she will be available for adoption by the general public.