Megan Fox defends Michael Bay, says he never 'preyed upon' her

Megan Fox has insisted she was never "preyed upon" by director Michael Bay following the re-emergence of a 2009 interview.

During a chat on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in 2009, Fox recalled the process of starring as an extra in Bad Boys II and said at the time: "They were shooting this club scene and they brought me in and I was wearing a stars and stripes bikini and a red cowboy hat and, like, six-inch heels.

"He approved it and they said, 'Michael, she's 15 so you can't sit her at the bar and she can't have a drink in her hand.' So his solution to that problem was to then have me dancing underneath a waterfall getting soaking wet." 

After the interview was unearthed by Fox's followers, many accused Bay of sexualising a teenager and suggested he should be "cancelled" - when someone has public support for them withdrawn following an offensive remark.

Fox responded by issuing a statement on Instagram in which she insisted the filmmaker's behaviour was never objectionable, considering the nature of the "ruthlessly misogynistic industry" she works in.

"While I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support, I do feel I need to clarify some of the details as they have been lost in the retelling of the events and cast a sinister shadow that doesn't really, in my opinion, belong. At least not where it's currently being projected," she wrote.

Fox went on to state that her audition for Bay's film Transformers was all above board and she was not underage at the time or "at no point undressed".

She continued: "Please hear me when I thank you for your support. But these specific instances were inconsequential in a long and arduous journey along which I have endured some genuinely harrowing experiences in a ruthlessly misogynistic industry."

Suggesting she has numerous stories to tell, Fox added that the "names that deserve to be going viral in cancel culture right now" are "safely stored in the fragmented recesses of my heart".

"But when it comes to my direct experiences with Michael... I was never assaulted or preyed upon in what I felt was a sexual manner," she concluded.

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