The Rock radio's 24-hour darts game raises over $136k for mental health charity

The Rock radio station's marathon 24-hour game of darts has so far raised over $136,000 for Mike King's mental health charity I AM HOPE. 

Last year, breakfast host Bryce Casey's record-breaking 58-hour-long bowling effort raised over $366,000 for counselling services for young Kiwis - a sum the team is hoping to beat this time around. 

Mike McRoberts, Guy Williams, Leigh Hart and a host of other famous faces have joined Casey and his co-hosts Roger Farrelly and Andrew Mulligan to attempt a few bullseyes after the first throw was made at 5pm yesterday. 

The event is being live-streamed from Auckland's Morningside Tavern and listeners are encouraged to donate through The Rock's Givealittle page or via text. Meanwhile, a series of Trade Me auctions will raise further funds with offerings such as signed sports memorabilia, a trip to Vanuatu and a race car driver training session with Greg Murphy. 

One particularly generous listener called Mark from Wellington called in to pledge $50 for each bullseye struck during the challenge. By 7.30am Friday morning, that meant a donation of $2500 - with the amount sure to increase before the event wraps up. 

Speaking to The AM Show at the 13-hour-mark, Casey said the funds raised would already equate to well over 900 hours of counselling for New Zealand youth in need. 

"We're very aware that it's tough times for a lot of people at the moment but any $3 that does get texted through makes a massive difference, and there's a lot of young Kiwis that need your help," Casey said. 

"More than 10 a day tried to take their lives last year and that's a stat we need to change, and this is how we go about doing it." 

Where to find help and support: