Video of moment Meghan allegedly 'fell out' with royals, 'escorted' out of garden party resurfaces

A resurfaced video of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry allegedly being 'escorted' out of a royal garden party after the Duchess made an "astonishing" faux pas is claimed to show the origins of her rift with the royal family. 

The footage, shot at Prince Charles' 70th birthday event days after Meghan and Harry's marriage, appears to show the royal newlyweds making a hasty exit from the event. According to Lady Colin Campbell, author of the upcoming book Meghan and Harry: The Real Story, Meghan made a blunder that left the royal commenters "gobsmacked". 

"We all thought 'this doesn't bode well'," Campbell told the Daily Star, refusing to reveal more details of the incident, which is chronicled in her book. 

In the clip circulating on social media, Harry is interrupted from chatting with guests to have a word with Charles, who whispers in his ear and gestures, possibly signalling it was time for the pair to leave. 

The Duke and Duchess then quickly say their goodbyes and are ushered out. 

Once tweet suggested "Meghan's behaviour" meant the pair left Buckingham Palace just 40 minutes into the prestigious event, while another suggested the exit was Meghan's decision, because she was "bored". 

Conversely, many royal fans are skeptical about evidence of any tension on the day, citing the warm body language and kisses on cheeks as Charles and Camilla farewelled Harry and Meghan.