Billie Eilish's parents considered therapy over her obsession with Justin Bieber

Billie Eilish was so obsessed with Justin Bieber when she was younger that her parents considered taking her to therapy.

During a new episode of the pop star's Me & Dad Radio on Apple Music, the Bad Guy singer's mum, Maggie, revealed she and her husband were very concerned about their daughter's infatuation with Justin. 

Billie's mother recalled driving her girl to a dance studio in 2012 and playing Bieber's 'As Long As You Love Me' as her daughter sobbed.

"It was either Marina and the Diamonds or this, sobbing," she explained. "Not just this; it was all of Justin Bieber… Any Justin Bieber song, but I just happen to remember this one really well, and the video, and Billie talking to me about it, and being excited that it was coming out and just crying and crying.

"Everyone knows the whole Billie-Justin Bieber thing, but this song was a big part of it."

Eilish, now 18, added, "I would watch the music video for this song and just sob," prompting Maggie to reveal, "we did consider taking you to therapy because you were in so much pain over Justin Bieber."

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