Billy Joel's surprise performance

This might be just the video to get you through your Friday.

Billy Joel has been captured playing a discarded piano on a New York sidewalk. 

The American singer-songwriter noticed the instrument on his daily walk in Long Island, and was horrified someone had chucked it out.

So to make his point, he did what he does best.

"Not bad. The action is good," Joel can be heard saying in the video after tickling the ivories. "It just needs tuning. And the finish is beat. It's a perfectly good piano."

Joel went on to suggest the piano be donated to the Society of St Vincent de Paul thrift store.

"They'd probably take it," Joel says as he continues to examine and play notes on the piano.

There's no word on what has happened to the piano, and what its value could be now. 

Aziz Al Sa'afin wraps up the best of the internet. 

Watch the video.