Clarke Gayford shares snaps of Neve 'helping' Hollie Smith make new music

Clarke Gayford has documented his daughter Neve's foray into the music industry, sharing photos of her working the mixing desk at a recording studio with singer Hollie Smith. 

"Neve on a Neve," Gayford captioned the snaps, referring the the namesake of the Neve console the toddler was playing on. 

"Music nerds will understand." 

Gayford said that the two-year-old was 'helping' her 'Aunty' Hollie Smith, the Kiwi soul singer best known for tracks like 'Bathe In The River'. 

Smith was "laying down a bit of orchestral magic" for some new tracks in collaboration with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Gayford explained. 

"Thanks for the dance in the control room today Aunty Hollie," Gayford wrote. 

Neve recently rang in her second birthday with a home-made piano cake crafted by her mum, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.