'Excuse me!' Evicted Big Brother Australia star brutally rejects hug from housemate

A cringe-inducing moment in the Big Brother Australia house has prompted accusations of bitterness after an evicted contestant dramatically rebuffed a fellow housemate's attempt to hug her goodbye. 

During Sunday night's episode, Angela Clancy put Talia Rycroft up for elimination, claiming she had been previously "threatened" by Rycroft. 

When the votes were counted, Rycroft had 11 against her, with the other two contestants on the chopping block gaining just one and four votes. 

A tearful Rycroft was approached for a hug by Clancy, but was brutally turned down, with Rycroft angrily responding "Excuse me! Excuse me!" before walking out. 

Fans were unimpressed with Rycroft's reaction and took to social media to accuse her of not being a good sport. 

"Bitter! How rude Talia," one Twitter user wrote. 

"It's a game girl, you lost," wrote another. 

Meanwhile, Rycroft has stood by her actions, telling 7 News she didn't want a "fake hug" from Clancy. 

"I didn't want Angela to give me a fake hug, she didn't want me there, so I didn't want to hug her.

"She evicted me, she said we were friends, but she'd been playing me the whole time," Rycroft said. 

Big Brother Australia airs Sundays at 7pm and Monday - Tuesday at 7.30pm on Three.