'Gross opulence': Kylie Jenner criticised for buying 2yo Stormi a $200,000 pony

Kylie Jenner has yet again prompted outrage with an exorbitant purchase for her little girl - this time spending a reported US$200,000 (NZ$300,093) on a pony for Stormi. 

Multiple media outlets were tipped off to the expensive pet when the breeder Stal Wilten confirmed the deal in an Instagram post of the pony, which is named Frozen. 

"#ThrowbackThursday goes to the most famous pony of them all, Frozen. We got news he has landed in LA and is living the life with a sweet little girl named Stormi," the caption read, before being amended to remove names. 

 "@KylieJenner, in true fashion, made sure her daughter had the most precious pony out there." 

The Daily Mail reports the makeup mogul splashed out an extra US$7,000 - $10,000 to have the horse shipped from the Netherlands on top of the US$200,000 price tag. 

The news has drawn disapproval from many commentators online, many of whom felt the timing was off given the current state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Read the room, some of us can’t even pay our rent during this pandemic," one tweet read.

"Why would a pony cost so much? Celebrities can be gross," said another. 

"All that BS about 'we are all in this together'. Uhm no we are not. $200k is more than most people make. The display of opulence is gross." 

"Kylie Jenner importing a $200k pony from the Netherlands for her two-year-old daughter but still not paying her Bangladesh workers," a third wrote, referencing claims Jenner and her sister Kendall had failed to pay factory workers for their fashion label. The siblings have refuted the accusations in a statement. 

Meanwhile, some fans defended Jenner's decision to fork out for the pony, claiming it wasn't an outrageous amount to spend on a competitive horse. 

"Just wanted to say, as a horse person, that Kylie Jenner spending $200k on a pony is not abnormal for the horse world in general," one tweet read. 

"Most of the girls that compete at rates shows spend $75-400k on horses to be competitive. So ya, she's not that special." 

Jenner recently came under fire for purchasing an US$1180 Louis Vuitton bag and four mini Prada handbags, valued at US$700 each. The reality TV star is said to have become a billionaire through her cosmetics empire and brand deals on Instagram.