Influencer Simone Anderson claims name botch-up lead to donation allegations

Simone Anderson.
Simone Anderson. Photo credit: Instagram

Social media influencer Simone Anderson has denied allegations money raised from selling old clothes didn't go to charity. 

Anderson has been in the middle of public scrutiny this week after she was found to have breached advertising standards for misleading Instagram posts.

Anderson, who shot to fame after losing over 90kg, used a Facebook page to sell clothing and accessories gifted to her by fashion labels trying to get her endorsement.

On Friday she addressed "false claims" that proceeds she said would be gifted to charities weren't.

"Last month, a complaint was made to the Commerce Commission requesting an investigation to determine whether I had made charitable donations from the proceeds of sales generated by my private Facebook page, Simone’s Second Hand Wardrobe," Anderson said in a statement. 

"Assertions had been made on several social media platforms that I had not done so. I would like to be very clear that these declarations are incorrect."

Anderson, who has 314,000 followers on Instagram, said she had made donations to Women’s Refuge, amongst other charities and has receipts which she has supplied to the Commerce Commission.

"Last week, the communications manager for Women’s Refuge, made a statement to the press that no donations had been received from Simone Anderson.

"This discrepancy was made due to the fact that all charitable donations I make are under my legal name of Pretscherer; which is the name on my birth certificate, passport and bank account."

She says the communications manager has since reviewed the records and confirmed donations had been made in her legal name.

"All I can do at this point is assure everyone that these accusations are untrue, and hope that my addressing this directly puts the matter to rest."