Kiwi rock and roll band Racing on being back after COVID-19 lockdown

Kiwi alternative rock and roll band Racing kicked off their Wellington tour on Friday with their first gig since before the COVID-19 lockdown.

The gig comes ahead of the release of Auckland band's second album, which infuses classic rock and roll with a touch of electronic and disco.

Singer Edward Knowles told Newshub he was eager to play a live show again after weeks of lockdown.

"I love writing and I love playing live… I look forward to playing the one hour every night where we just do what we do," he said.

The band of four has been together for six years and cultivates new music by taking inspiration from their overseas experiences and learning about different cultures.

"We started liking things that were hypnotising and repetitive so I've pinned it on those years of hearing that music and what you don't hear a lot of here," Knowles said.

Their new tour is coinciding with the release of their latest single 'Flashback' and ahead of their second album release later this year.

Knowles is hoping the music will help fans feel uplifted.

"They're just really good songs and I think at a time like this everyone needs a bit of that a bit of music to pull everyone together," he said.

"I love it in a live setting when people come to the show with their daily problems and leave sort of covered in sweat and cleansed because they've been dancing."

So everyone across the country can expect more of their music tonight, and in the months to come.