NZIFF 2020 review: Zombie comedy Yummy is super trashy, juvenile and mostly fun

While the New Zealand International Film Festival is generally associated with high-brow foreign arthouse films, it also usually plays host to the craziest, most shocking and wild films released every year.

Yummy is playing in the festival this year and is quite likely to be the most low-brow, immature movie released anywhere in 2020.

This Belgian zombie comedy follows a couple going to a dodgy eastern European cosmetic surgery clinic to get a boob job, but the weird biological experiments going on there give birth to zombies and then all hell breaks loose.

Setting it in a dodgy plastic surgery joint is brilliant, because of the types of customers a place like that attracts, the types of people making up the staff and of course, all the surgical tools about the place.

Yummy really ramps up the disgusting factor with its gross-out humour and some of it is really inventive and fun.

However, only about half of the jokes land well, while the other half are lame. A lot of the gore is pretty average too.

But if you can channel your breast-obsessed inner 14-year-old boy and would find an extended scene of male genital violence funny, then this movie is for you.

Yummy is playing at 2020 Whānau Mārama: New Zealand International Film Festival.